Saturday, May 10, 2014

iBook Summary

This ibook is a summary of Dubai group's journey as students enrolled in EDM310. Though the road was not always a smooth paved one, we worked together as a group and learned many new and exciting things. Our ibook is a visual artifact that highlights our experiences as EDM310 students. Included are a group picture, each member’s brief personal bio, book trailer, my sentence/passion videos, favorite blog post, 10 personal photos, and a group discussion. We hope you enjoy our ibook as much as we enjoyed being students in EDM310.

Monday, April 21, 2014

C4T #4

For my fourth C4T, I'll be featuring Becky Goerend's blog: Live the Conversation. I'll be sharing some interesting facts and our interactions through comments.

In the first post I was able to gather some knowledgeable information about the duties of an educator. Mrs. Goerend provided a little piece of her life as an educator outside the classroom. She emphasized how the teacher is around the clock work, teachers are always working you will never know who you will run into! As teachers we have to always be on the ball just in case a surprise was to occur. For my comment, I introduced myself to Mrs. Goerend letting her know that I was currently a student in EDM 310 and majoring to become a future educator. I proceeded to inform her that I enjoyed reading her blog post. It was very fascinating! I agreed to her statement that as educators the teachers job is endless; the teacher has to continue to rather knowledgeable resources to create a higher ordered learning within the classroom. I stated how it was amazing how educators can make such an impact on students lives in and outside the classroom setting. I love how Mrs. Goerend provided a glimpse of her Saturday encounters with various students and their parents and how she handles each situation positively. She has helped me to realize that my job as a future educator is going to be fun yet also a lot of work. I am very excited about becoming an educator in the near future! I also informed Mrs. Goerend that I will be featuring some of her informative posts in my blog post and that she should check out my blog soon.
Living Connection

For my fifth C4T, I'll be featuring Becky Goerend's blog post on Thoughts on Wikipedia. In Mrs. Goerend's post she uncovers the use of Wikipedia with her students. She shares some good points on how utilizing this source can uncover the treasures of other resources that could lead to other helpful tools. Mrs. Goerends students were assigned to a social media site and asked to answer some questions about its history purpose, and use by individuals and businesses. In my response to Mrs. Goerens's post, I introduced myself being a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama and was assigned to her blog this week. I informed her that I was very thrilled to be able to read more of her posts about the use of technology. I explained how this blog post has given me a better insight on how Wikipedia can help uncover helpful tools to use for my future studies and within my future classroom. I emphasized how the use of technology can help create an positive environment for higher ordered learning. I informed her that I'll be featuring our final comments within my blog this week and I hope that she will visit my blog soon. I thanked her for providing knowledgeable information within her blog to help students to think outside the box.

C4K Summary for April

C4K #9- “Island” By: Wesley a student in Miss. Ouano class

For this week I had a chance to observe Wesley's blog, he had some interesting post and the one I choose to read was his post on Island. I was so faschniated with his use of providing a visual picture to correspond with the creative thoughts he displayed about an adventure at the Island. He emphasized great details about the the different creatures that were seen in the water. Wesley provided a great importance on how certain sea creatures are dangerous to touch. I informed Wesley that I enjoyed reading his blog post, he did a great job with painting a visual picture of what was going on while at the Island. I let Wesley know that I could tell that he enjoyed doing this activity, simply by how he detailed everything in his post to help the reader feel lie they were actually on the Island. I also let Wesley know that I will be featuring his post within my blog in the near future, I informed him that he could check out my blog and to keep up the good work.

As future educators I think the engagement with the students and allowing them to express there thoughts through their blogs is a great way to create higher ordered thinking. Providing students with the use of technology and other useful sources expands the students minds to think outside of the box and let their imaginations roam freely. I will definitely encourage the use blogs with my future class, the idea of letting their work being seen be people from around the world will enhance the creativity within the student, hopefully sparkling an unknown talent.

C4K #10- ”Why is it Important to Learn how to Swim?” By: Alfa a student in Miss. Lavakula class

I had the pleasure of viewing Alfa's blog this week; I was very astonished by how creative his blog was put together! I introduced myself letting him know that I was selected to view his blog this week and how honored I was to be able to read some of his creative thoughts within this blog. I informed him that I plan on utilizing blogs with my future students, this is a helpful way for students to express their creative thoughts within their blogs for the world to see! I also informed Alfa that I was very impressed with the details he provided to his readers on the importance of learning how to swim, especially where he lives since it's surrounded by water. I told Alfa that I wasn't the best swimmer in the world but after reading his blog post I was convinced that I wanted to learn how to become a better swimmer. I told him how I loved his visual image on him and his friends in the pool. This was a great way to grab the reader's attention on how fun it is to swim. I informed Alfa that I would be featuring his blog post within my blog and hopefully he will check out my blog soon; Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

For this week, Dr. Strange assigned the class to create their own blog post according to their area of interest. Since I'm majoring in Elementary Education I will be incorporating all subjects within my future classroom. The main focus for this week's creative Blog Post will focus on Literature & Moral Development within the classroom.

The assignment: In this week's blog post, students will explain how they will promote moral development within their classroom. Students will explain why should blogging be helpful for an English class?

The reply:
Right & Wrong

Morals have to do with an action being right or wrong. In order to teach morality and enhance the moral development of my future students, I must set up classroom rules that require moral behavior. These rules should be fair in their creation and execution; everyone needs to be held to the same standards. They should reinforce positive behaviors and seek to eliminate negative or amoral ones. Rules of this nature involve respects for people and property, as well as responsible behaviors.

When students follow the rules and buy into the reason behind the rules, they help one another follow them as well. When students have to think about classroom rules, they also think about the reason behind the rules and they begin to use those reasons to inform their decision-making. As students learn to apply classroom morality to the real world, they form an understanding of the overall concepts of morality and justice. The reason for promoting moral development in schools is to train children to grow up to be morally grounded adults. Children who learn to follow rules in the school will eventually follow similar rules in society.

After students get the moral concept of the reasoning behind following the classroom, students are still curious to why must they blog in Literature rather than make use of the blank paper.

Why blog...

While literary studies might seem to be a very easy task, it is in fact a conversation. Of course, one is always in "conversation" with the text being examined, but a good writer is also in a conversation with others writing about the same text. When blogging students broaden their audience: suddenly their classmates can be in conversations with them; even when we're not in the classroom. Therefore, blogging is a place for individuals to practice writing. From my own experience, I found out that the best way to improve one's writing is to practice and allow others to share thoughtful and meaningful writing to help improve their views on certain interests and ideas.